Beat to your own drum.
He offered her the world, so she said she had her own.
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    and suddenly everything smells like
    half a dozen summers ago
    sitting on your porch
    green paint peeling beneath my feet
    and my father burning all the bills
    and a rootbeer between my lips
    and you singing some old ditty
    about a door and a young boy
    and wiping the work from your hands.

    the summer is ending
    and we need wood for when the weather turns,
    the weather always turns, oh best beloved.

    so we will go back out into the forest
    and you will be there swinging the ax
    and I will stack logs
    and gather blackberries
    and sing to you

    and I will bring them home
    and you will stay in the forest
    and the weather will turn as it always does.

    it still hurts when I find you for a moment and lose you again || k.m.s (via oxytocinergic)

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    listen to me

    your heart is still beating

    you still have air in your lungs

    and you still have a shot

    do not give up

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    He comes to cuddle every single morning.

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    Some of these are so awkward, and some are great, and there’s that one with the dad that’s just 100% heartbreaking.

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    Love at first bite. Been trying to get close to the stray kittens living in the backyard to get them used to humans so we can find them homes. Picked up this guy for the first time, he bit me, jumped out of hands and bolted for the door. Of my house. Spent 2 hours trying to catch him from behind furniture, to finally capture and fall in love with him. Meet Mint. He loves me now too :]

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    pls don’t

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•I can’t stop writing about you•
  • actuates:

    •I can’t stop writing about you•

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